in Gunma
Tradition and Innovation

In Gunma Prefecture, diverse and high-quality levels of culture have been nurtured throughout its long history, from ancient times down to the pre-modern and modern times.
The project portrays these cultural elements as celebrated values of “Japanese Beauty.” By capitalizing on Gunma’s cultural strong points – in terms of quality, abundance and rich diversity – and by respecting the intrinsic values peculiar to various cultures, we aim to develop an unprecedentedly high creative combination and create new demands and added values that are unique only to Gunma Prefecture. Furthermore, we will promote and disseminate the enhanced social and economic values of Gunma’s cultural attractiveness worldwide, thereby aiming to expand inbound tourism in a sustainable manner.

The 39th World Cultural Heritage Site Theater

~ Tomioka Silk Mill ~

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Special Lecture Presentation

Michifumi Isoda’s: “Talking about History in Gunma”

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Invitation to the Ancient Man’yo Period

Gagaku (ancient court music) Performance and Visual Presentation

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The 200th Anniversary of Kami-Miharada Rural Kabuki Theater

Featuring Performance by the Kabuki Actor Onoe Ukon

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~ A Feast of Noh Theater and Opera ~

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“Tradition and Innovation” Produced by Akira Senju


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