Keikendo Hall, Shinkeien

Sunday, March 15th, 2020
① 17:00〜17:30
② 19:00〜19:30

Keikendo Hall, Shinkeien (indoor)


Sojiro (ceramic ocarina player)

Making his record debut in 1985, Sojiro was thrown into the limelight by an NHK special program “The Great Yellow River” in 1986, establishing his position as a popular artist.  In 1993, his series of three nature-themed albums — Kidou, Fuuto, and “Suishin — won the Planning Award of the 35th Japan Record Award.  He built the “Sojiro Ocarina Forest” in 2008 near his home in Hitachiomiya City, Ibaraki Prefecture to promote ocarinas and to interact with his fans.  In April 2019, he released the new original album, Mukashimukashi no Hanashi wo Kikaseteyo, after six years of hiatus.  He has always been treasuring the connection with the nature and soil, and carrying on with his concerts as well as composition and creative activities.


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Keikendo Hall, Shinkeien
〒1-1-20 Chuo, Kurashiki

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Host Setouchi Palette Japan Culture Expo Executive Committee, Cultural Affairs Agency, Japan Arts Council
Co-host Kurashiki City
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